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Since tobacco was discovered, people have tried many smoking methods. Certainly, the most outstanding and special one is pipe smoking. Pipe smoking is a different experience that includes tobacco tasting and aesthetics pleasure.

We use only handmade methods at Prof Pipes Workshop to make pipe lovers’ dreams come true. Every pipe we made carries value of an antique good. Our handmade pipes are unique all over the world and special to it’s owner. The handmade pipes are not fabricated and every design is produced only one time.

We choose carefully the best quality briar blocks from the countries like Italy, Algeria and USA. We choose the optimal briar block for your order or our collection.

There are three classifications in Prof Pipes collection. Beginner Class is economic and for the beginner pipe lovers. Pleasure Class is for daily use. Jewellery Class is for collectors and people who prefers a special designed pipe.

You can view our handmade pipes photo gallery at Gallery tab and pipes on sale at Showcase tab.

We wish delightful smokings to all pipe lovers.